Debugging an ios app

I have deployed my app to apple and my app was rejected because there is an error that only occurs on an iPhone or iPad during initial rendering were only a portion of the page shows.

I cant reproduce this error on safari browser or any browser for that matter.

Question. How can I duplicate and debug the issue I’m currently seeing iPhone app or iPad app (using testflight).

Is there a tool anyone could recommend for debugging iphone apps that were built using volt. Build?

The best way to do this is to use remote debugging with Safari. You’ll need a Mac for this. You can then look in the Console for error messages.

I’m using Browserstack, just upload your app there and test it on any phone you like

I fixed all my issues then uploaded working app

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I will check this out. Thanks!

I was unable to attach to the ios app. I could attach to the safari browser version of the web application no problem.

But I was never able to attach to the ios app.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

What kind of certificate are you using? Is the device listed in your mobileprovision file?

This isnt a new app. I’m using the same cert I used versions ago. The error is occurring in the jquery.

You’ll need to figure out what the error is before you can fix it.

There have been a number of changes to iOS and Cordova which could be raising errors in code which worked before.

Yes. This is why I’m asking for a tool to debug as an iOS app.

The reason I asked about what kind of certificate you are using is that certain types cannot be debugged. (You can imagine how much trouble someone could cause if they could run the debugger against your production app!)

You’ll face this question no matter what debug tool you use. Debugging using Safari is the easiest way to do this, since it doesn’t require anything else.

I’m not able to attach safari to my ios app. I feel like I’ve tried everything.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Can I call someone?

This isn’t a VoltBuilder issue anymore. VoltBuilder has done its job and built an iOS executable. The problem will be something in your app, which is out of scope for support here.

You still haven’t identified what kind of certificate the app was built with. That’s vital for debugging.

A bit more: if you submitted to the App Store, you have to be using some sort of Distribution Certificate. For any type of debugging, you need to build with a Development Certificate.

i.e. You will need to use a different build than what you sent to the app store.

Thank you very much for your guidance. You are correct I was trying to debug with my IOS Distro Certificate. I’m now trying to update my voltbuilder.json file and I’m getting the following error message from apple:

ERROR ITMS-90161: “Invalid Provisioning Profile. The provisioning profile included in the bundle com.SafePassageSolutions.Mobile [Payload/] is invalid. [Missing code-signing certificate]. A Distribution Provisioning profile should be used when submitting apps to the App Store. For more information, visit the iOS Developer Portal.”

Here’s what my config file looks like:

  "iosDevP12": "certificates/Dev IOS Certificates 091320.p12",
  "iosDevP12Password": "xxxx",
  "iosDevelopment": "certificates/IOS_Dev_Provisioning_Profile_091320.mobileprovision",
  "iosDistP12": "certificates/IOS Distro 091320 Certificates.p12",
  "iosDistP12Password": "xxx",
  "iosDistribution": "certificates/Prod_Provisioning_Profile_091320.mobileprovision",
  "iosPackageType": "app-store",
  "platform": "ios",
  "release": "debug"

The message from Apple is the correct explanation. You should redo your certificate and mobileprovision files.