Develop AdMob Cordova plugin

Hi There,

We know Volt builder team does not do plugin development, but it will be useful if you guys think about developing AdMob plugin and maintaining it.

Currently, there is a plugin admob-plus-cordova but for a long it is not maintained.

It will be safer for developers like us if we have a plugin from the Volt team. Because for most of the cordova apps income is generated from ads only.

Thanks for the suggestion.

It’s important that we stay focussed on VoltBuilder itself - we still see ways to make it better and are actively working on that.

Anyone is free to fork an existing plugin and update it. It’s not generally that hard to do. I see that admob-plus-cordova was last updated 7 months ago. It’s been forked 134 times and has 326 stars.

The maintainer has a funding page. Have you reached out to him to see if he can help you?