Embed latest webview engine Android

Is there any way to embed the latest webview apk (chrome 85>) in my app apk? I succesfully compiled my app but when running in a device without chrome installed, the webview is using and old version (chrome 34).

I’m looking for something like this compatible with VoltBuilder:

What Android device does not have Chrome installed?

A list of all the plugins VoltBuilder currently supports is here. If there is a plugin you need which is not listed, find it on npm and let us know. We’ll check it out and add it to the list, usually within a day.

If a plugin you need does not yet have an npm entry, contact the author and ask that it be added.

My app is for PAX device (used for payment processing, no chrome available for security standards, disabled google play store).

If you have any news or if any user of this forum has experience on this subject please let me know.