Endless queuing after selecting and uploading zip file to create ios app

Is there any issue at the moment with app builds for iOS? I uploaded a zip with an app but since 10 min I only see “queuing…” on the upload page

Same problem here. Any notice when the service will be running normally?

+1 Same issue here

I’m using the app store upload feature

I’m sorry you experienced this issue. Occasionally a build request may sit in queuing for a long time if there’s an error early on with the build. We’re looking into this and will hopefully have a fix shortly. I’m also going back to check logs from this morning to make sure there wasn’t a problem with our infrastructure. I can confirm that everything is currently functioning normally.

I can confirm… for me the systems shows now processing latest 10 sec after queuing is shown.

@artlogic Seems fixed now. Thank you

Glad to hear it.

It looks like we had a minor issue with one of our upstream providers between 5:00-5:45 eastern that caused some of our build servers to not pick up jobs. Our servers self-healed and things were back to normal soon after this window. I’m currently looking into what we can do to make sure that these relatively rare issues happen even less frequently, and to also increase our monitoring so that we’re notified more quickly of issues like this.

Let us know if we can do anything else or if you run into any other issues.