ERROR ITMS-90158: "The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format

Hello, I am having a problem when I try to upload my app to ios through voltbuilder, the problem is that it tells me that I have an error with the url format, I am using the cordova-plugin-facebook-connect plugin, to capture events inside my app, now it is not clear to me what is the reason for the error or how to solve them, since the solutions involve editing the info.plist file which I understand is generated by voltbuilder when compiling, could you help me with this please, the error I have is the following:

UserError: ERROR ITMS-90158: “The following URL schemes found in your app are not in the correct format: [OTHER_APP_SCHEMES_PLACEHOLDER, fbfb1230458617756409FACEBOOK_URL_SCHEME_SUFFIX_PLACEHOLDER]. URL schemes need to begin with an alphabetic character, and be comprised of alphanumeric characters, the period, the hyphen or the plus sign only. Please see RFC1738 for more detail.”]

We know people are using cordova-plugin-facebook-connect, so there should be a solution. We are not experts in individual plugins.

VoltBuilder does have a command which can update info.plist - see edit-config.

Hi can you send me the command to try to solve this, be cause i’m still having problem with this, thanks

This has to do with your cordova-plugin-facebook-connect plugin.

I’m no expert on this plugin, but the error message seems to be complaining about this statement in your config.xml:

  <variable name="OTHER_APP_SCHEMES" value=""/>

That doesn’t appear to be a correct URL scheme.

You’ll need to look at the documentation for the plugin to see what the correct value is.

@JeanpContreras Did you find a solution to this problem ?