Error with ios icon

I am using the recommended Voltbuilder structure with icontemplate.png and splashtemplate.png in my resources folder.

UserError: ERROR: ERROR ITMS-90022: Missing required icon file.
The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly ‘120x120’ pixels, in .png format for iOS versions >= 10.0.
To support older versions of iOS, the icon may be required in the bundle outside of an asset catalog.
Make sure the Info.plist file includes appropriate entries referencing the file.

Solved. changed itunes… strings in voltbuilder.json to appstore…

Excellent - I was just about to reply with that solution. I’ll be updating that documentation today.

Thanks for the support. I got an email from apple store that the build has completed for processing and ready to submit to appstore. However Voltbuilder is still running, are there other processes still going on?

It looks as if our system timed out your job right before it was going to report completion. I notice it’s taking quite a long time to build. I wonder if you could share your job with our support email so we can sort out why it’s taking so long and hopefully speed up the process?

(based on what I’m seeing you should consider the upload successful)

I could send the zip file.

That would be helpful, if possible. We try to analyze outliers and optimize them so that the builds are faster in the future.