** EXPORT FAILED ** ios build with ionic 3

I’m trying to do a ios build (ad-hoc, debug) of a ionic3 app but there is an issue with old plugin

Error: property ‘userAgent’ not found on object of type ‘CDVViewController *’
You probably have a plugin which directly or indirectly uses UIWebView,
which is no longer supported by Apple.

A common reason is including cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine in your project.
Starting with cordova-ios 6.1, this is automatically included.
You should remove cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine from your config.xml file.

I do not have such plugin, I have cordova-plugin-ionic-webview
that plugin is wrapping cordova plugin ?

I’ve removed cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine from and build was successfull
I’m going to test resulting .ipa

It looks like there is a mismatch between the .mobileprovision file you are using and the information on developer.apple.com.

I’m sorry the issue is about a ionic3 not provisioning profile

since I’ve removed the specification of ios engine

engine name=“ios” spec=“4.3.1”

now build is complaining on a plugin

I think that provisioning profile was not compatible with spec 4.3.1

Getting rid of that old engine spec is a good idea. However it looks like you need to update some plugins.

Once that is done, I’m guessing your mobileprovision problem will still be there.