Failed to fetch message when uploading

Hi, it’s been 2 days that I not able to upload zip file for compilation. The error was like like this

TypeError: Failed to fetch

Can anyone help me on this, thank you

We’ve only seen this once before. It turned out the company network was blocking uploads.

Could that be the case here?

I think not…I’ve been moving to multiple places and keep trying to upload but failed to fetch.

I’ve changed browser, put on vpn, use mobile data and so on…3rd day today, still failed to fecth the uploads.

Please dvice me what to do…thank you

Can you open the Chrome Console and post what messages are there?

What country are you in?

Malaysia…prior to this, it was fine

here what I get from Chrome Console

  • Failed to load resource: net::ERR_HTTP2_PING_FAILED -

Is that everything in the Console?