Generate icons only, without the splash screen


Is there a way to have Volt builder create only icons from iconTemplate.png without creating the splash screen (from splashTemplate.png)? I already have a splash screen built into the app and the one built by Volt is not needed (actually with it I have two splash screens). On the other hand, having the Volt build the icons is a great feature and I’d like to use it, so I have to figure out a way to avoid generating a splash from splashTemplate.png (or to avoid displaying it).


I’m actually not sure what the answer to this is. There are a number of different scenarios which could work differently

  • iOS
  • Android pre Android 12
  • Android 12 and later

First thing I would try is leaving the splash screen template and see what happens. However, I’d be concerned about Android 12. There are new standards for splash screens which I am not sure can be circumvented.

If I leave splashTemplate.png in the resources directory it creates a splash screen from that and app shows it on load, then app shows my splash screen driven by cordova plugin (cordova-plugin-splashscreen), and then it proceeds to the main screen. If I remove the file splashTemplate.png from resources directory and leave iconTemplate.png I get an error from the builder (something like “missing splashTemplate.png”).

We use the cordova-res library to generate images (except for Android 12, which has a new way of doing this).

You could optionally use to control what images are included.