Generated build should also include version in name

Hi Currently generated build is the same (app name) always for a specific app.

Can we include app version in the end of app name?

like theabcapp102030.apk

The current name is {platform}{releasetype}.{suffix}
where platform is android or ios,
releasetype is debug or release, and
suffix is apk or ipa.

Are you thinking of the android-versionCode or ios-CFBundleVersion from config.xml? How would that be useful to you?

For uploading apk to play store same name doesn’t work, So required to change the name before uploading. If version code added then no need to change the name each time.

It’s a good idea. We’re looking to see what it will take to do (and making sure it won’t break anything!)

This feature is now live. The download name will look like this:


The version information comes from the first line of your config.xml file:

<widget version="1.0.3" android-versionCode="1" id="com.nsbasic.HelloWorld" ios-CFBundleVersion="1" xmlns="">

Thank you :heart_eyes: