Getting ios build error: Filename <myfilename> not found in export path. Possible bad name

is just 3 letters and no spaces in between the tags in config.xml
This was all working fine in building many times before.
However, I have just added in the standard cordova-plugin-network-information and in the logs these are the lines up to the error:

Discovered plugin "cordova-plugin-network-information". Adding it to the project
Installing "cordova-plugin-network-information" for ios
The "url" argument must be of type string. Received undefined

2023-02-20 14:41:38,564 - Filename <myfilename> not found in export path. Possible bad name.
2023-02-20 14:41:38,564 - reset_keychain

and then in the docs for the plugin: Network Information - Apache Cordova searching for “url” I see this comment in the example code:

// Make sure you add the domain of your server URL to the
       // Content-Security-Policy <meta> element in index.html."POST", encodeURI(SERVER));

Have I diagnosed the issue correctly, and does SERVER need to be set somehow and if so how exactly?


If you remove the cordova-plugin-network-information, does the problem go away?

I think the problem may be in your access statements:

<access allow="" />
<access allow="" />

Here are the Cordova docs for access. Should it be origin instead of allow?

Thanks very much for your help, that seems to have done the trick.