Getting message Provisioning profile doesn't include signing certificate

I used voltsigner to create a new CSR, uploaded to apple…created the new ios distribution certificate…created the new provisioning profile and selected the new certificate that I created…clicked on Save and then downloaded the mobil provisioning file - updted the voltbuilder.json to use the new profile…built my zip file and uploaded to voltbuilder it accepts it…after processing for about 10 minutes I get this message about provisioning profile doesn’t include signing certificate I had so much more luck when I used the mac mini to work with keychain access directly. Now it seems like a 50/50 proposition as to getting a build completed for apple

Hre is a print screen from the apple devloper sie

Here is a print screen from the apple developer site showing the certificate selected The July 19th is the new one I created today that I created the p12 from and included in the voltbuilder.json file.

In your last message, the image you meant to attach did not come through. Could you try again?

Hopefully this print screen will stick this time…to me it shos that on the devloper site, tht my profile does hav the distribution certificate selected. THe one date the 19th is the one I created today via the csr from voltsigner

I had a look at your project. Your certificates folder is kind of a mess - you have multiple versions of each file.

I would clean that out completely (except for Android files). The older files are obsolete anyway, so there is not point in keeping them.

Then, I’d go on Apple’s site and get rid of any extra stuff there. I notice you have two iOS Distribution certificates. Get rid of both, as well as any mobileprovision entries.

Now that everything is clean, use VoltSigner to create fresh certificates with simple names. Don’t forget to update voltbuilder.json with these simple names.

It should work!

Why would too many things in the certificate folder cause an issue…I assumed they were just there forthe voltbuilder.json fie to point to. I did clean them out anyways is the message about the signing certifaicate about the mobile provision not having a developer certificate? I only includde the ios distribution certificte since it was to get it ready for distribution from itunes I don[t see how to include both a devleoper and disttribtion certificate in a prrovisioning profile on apple.

Having extra files in your folder isn’t a problem - but clutter leads to mixups. That’s what I expect is going on here.

You need separate development and distribution certificates and provisioning profiles.