Google Play Store error 403 File 'BundleConfig.pb' was not found

Today I had a serious issue with uploading my app to Google Play Store - with error 403 and message:
We have failed to run ‘bundletool build-apks’ on this Android App Bundle. Please ensure your bundle is valid by running ‘bundletool build-apks’ locally and try again. Error message output: File ‘BundleConfig.pb’ was not found.
Being new to Volt I had no idea what I was doing wrong so it took me some time to dig up the solution which was really simple. So for all of you that might experience a similar problem, the solution is to add the following line to your voltbuilder.json file:
"androidPackageType": “bundle”,

Actually, I found the answer on this very forum at, however since I was googling for the error, I hope this post will help others that do the same.

Good find - thank you for posting this!

We will add a check to VoltBuilder to make this easier for the next person who has this problem.

Unless there is something I’m unaware of, I would recommend ignoring androidPackageType’s value and just force it to be “bundle” if the googlePlayTrack is “production”. AFAIK it must be “bundle” if the track is production.

The user might also want to make a release apk (instead of aab), for posting to something like the Amazon store.

However, your suggestion is a good one. We’ll give that a try. We’ll have to document how to make a release apk.