GoogleSignIn-GoogleSignIn error

With new Xcode 14?
I am getting this error:
exportArchive: Code signing "AppAuth.framework" failed.

You’re right - it needs to be this:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-firebasex" spec="14.2.1-cli">

Looking through our user logs, I also see people using this:

<plugin name="@havesource/cordova-plugin-push" source="npm" spec="2.0.0" />

I don’t know if this will work for you - other changes may also be needed.

That is total different approach, not possible in our situation because existing structure.
But i see that this plugin have also troubles with new build environment iOS: Missing aps-environment in entitlement

Can you give me answer op another question:
Do you have possibility on Volt Built to use older Xcode as temporary workaround? Our customer is waiting al two weeks for a new build…

We’re continuing to look into this problem, but if we don’t find a solution within the next 12 hours or so, we’ll shift gears and make an older version of Xcode available to those who need it. Unfortunately it’s not trivial for us to do so. I’m hoping we can find an alternate solution.

At this point, after a fair amount of investigation, we believe there’s an incompatibility with the plugin and Xcode 14 that goes beyond our build system, and perhaps even Cordova. It appears to be a Cocoapods specific issue. This isn’t something we can fix on our end. We’ll need to wait for the plugin owner to fix things.

In the interim, we will be setting up an Xcode 13 build server in our beta channel, and that should be available this coming Monday at the latest. That should allow you to build your project while you wait for the plugin owner to fix things on their side.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be in touch.

Thank you for your efforts! I hope that can build soon working app for our customer on Xcode 13.

About problem…
I am not capable to decide where problem might be but I see no complains at plugin page about Xcode 14 problems. Could you describe issue at GitHub - dpa99c/cordova-plugin-firebasex: Cordova plugin for Google Firebase so that they can search for solution?

I see also two another tickets at this forum, and both are related to the push notifications and firebase. Maybe the same problem?:

It looks like there is a bug with iOS Push Notifications for certain plugins on Xcode 14.

We can’t fix the plugins, but we will be providing a workaround to let you build using Xcode 13 today. We’ll also give whatever help we can to the maintainers of the plugins.

Feel free to contact us at support if you would like to use the workaround.

How can I use Xcode 13?

I’ve sent you a direct email with instructions.

It looks like there is an update to fix this issue. We have not tested this yet ourselves.

The maintainer just posted version 16.0.0.

(ios) Fix CLI builds with Xcode 14 and Cordova CLI. Resolves dpa99c/cordova-plugin-firebasex#766.
Add IOS_GOOGLE_SIGNIN_VERSION AND IOS_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_VERSION plugin vars to enable overriding default pinned versions at plugin install time.

IOS_GOOGLE_SIGIN_VERSION - a specific version of the Google Sign In library to set in the Podfile
If not specified, the default version defined in the element in the plugin.xml will be used.
IOS_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_VERSION - a specific version of the Google Tag Manager library to set in the Podfile
If not specified, the default version defined in the element in the plugin.xml will be used.