Help wanted for noob who wants a small app

Hi All, I am a complete noob at this, first timer.
All I want to do is to have a one page app for my customers to ring me after that then I may try and fancy it up a bit and expand from there but right now just the one page.
I’ve made a url page and I’ve brought it into VCode and follow a tut on YT but I’m failing at the last as usual.

I get this error when uploading

UserError: Parse Error in config.xml: no element found: line 1, column 0

So to what Ive done.
In my folder,
Folder “res” empty
Folder “www” in that file “index.html” and 2 images
I also have the voltbuilder.json


And the config.xml

<?xml version= '1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    android-versionCode ="1"
    id= "com.A2BTAXIS.A2BTAXIS" ios-CFBundleVersion="1"
    xmlns = "">
    <preference name="orientation" value="portrait"></preference>

Clearly I’m not doing something but I have no idea what that is.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

Regards and Thanks in advance.

Tip : If you’re pasting code, html or config files, surround the code with triple back ticks (```), before the first line and after the last one. It will be formatted properly. (We fixed it for you this time)

Thanks - we should have an answer first thing in the morning.

I checked the log. It looks like your config.xml file is actually empty - as in 0 bytes long.

You will want to recreate that file.