Hosting your app on VoltBuilder

VoltBuilder Hosting gives your app a persistant place where it can be downloaded.

Normally, apps are only available for download for a short time after they are built. With Hosting, your app will be available for as long as your plan is in effect. This is useful for a organizations which need to make their apps available, but do not want to maintain their own hosting service.

VoltBuilder will return a URL and QR Code (as it does now). You can send these to your customers or employees, who can then use them to install your app directly onto their devices.

Any Android app can be hosted. For iOS, the apps need to be built as Enterprise apps. You’ll need to sign up for Apple’s Enterprise Program. The apps do not need to be uploaded to Google Play or the iTunes Store.

This service is part of the VoltBuilder Enterprise Plan. Please contact to get set up.

For more information, check out the docs.