How submit multiple app on the apple store?

I have an app published on the apple store. However, I need to submit another application, using the same account. I create all the certificates, another project, another config.xml… but, when I upload it, it looks at the first application and returns: iTunes Upload: The package version must be higher than the previously uploaded version.

Changing the version number (upper) it accepts it but shows the build in the first app not the second.

What is the right way?


In your config.xml, are you using a different id for each app? It’s in in the widget line at the top.


one is like
<widget android-versionCode=“100” id=“”…

and other is like

<widget android-versionCode=“148” id=“”…

And I generate specific certificates and App-Specific Passwords


The solution was to remove app from Apple Store and recreate all, including certificates. After this, the app compilation was sent to the right place.

Thank you

Been there, done that. Sometimes doing that cleans everything up at Apple’s end.