How to add specific aar in config.xml


I have a specific aar and ios plugin/framework to add in my volt project.

I didn’t find a way to add it in my config.xml.

Is it possible?

Thank you

I don’t know the answer to the aar, but perhaps I can point you in right direction.

VoltBuilder uses Cordova do the actual packaging, so the aar integration would happen there. I’d start searching for aar and cordova. You may need to package the aar file into a plugin.

Do you have a specific plugin for iOS in mind?

Thanks for your support.

Yes. It’s a specific Brazilian Telemedicine plugin. They sent us a .aar (Android) and a .framework (IOS).

Always we use plugins from repository. So, I’m not sure the way to add them to main project.

Thank you again

My guess is that you’ll need to convert these to Cordova plugins. That’s not something VoltBuilder can do.