How to change SHA1 on apk

how do i change the SHA1 on release apk?

is it possible to replace new SHA1 in keystore file with original one using keytool
i’m asked after uploading new Apk. (Play console gives me the original SHA1 but not the old keystore)

What problem are you trying to solve?

problem is console can’t recieve my release it says the SHA1 is different from the original one
the new received after building with volt builder.
i need to keep the old SHA1

Are you using the same certificate in this build as you used when you last submitted to the store?

i’m using a new certificate.

I believe the Google Store requires that updates to an app have the same certificate.

do you know how do i convert backup .jks file to android.keystore ?

Have you tried putting the .jks file in your certificates folder, and putting its name in voltbuilder.json?

Yes, it works.
what keys should be in the certificates folder? Private or Public? do you have a guide on this

You will need to refer to Google’s docs on signing for a full explanation.