How to find "Short Name" when building for iOS release

I have no idea where to find the “Short Name”. I spent 6 hours searching on the net searching on how to do this.

I know in the NSB ide it states: “but if you submit a build with itunesAccount and itunesAppPassword set, the resulting log shows a table of your providers and their short names.”

I have no problems doing a “debug” build and running in on the device, but I can not get a build for “iOS release”. Here is the error:

You need to supply correct data for the iTunes Store in voltbuilder.json.
2023-05-05 21:18:38,492 - reset_keychain
2023-05-05 21:18:38,521 - Output: 
2023-05-05 21:18:38,521 - Build failed 09d824a5-ea4b-4f7f-9d05-5b504cebce46
2023-05-05 21:18:39,848 - Output: 

Anyone know specifically where to find this illusive “Short Name”? … I’m stopped without it!!


Did you see this note into the VoltBuilder Docs?

The Short Name is in the log.

Yes, I had seen that, but since voltbuilder is making the “voltbuilder.json file” … I never see it to make a change.

Since you’re using AppStudio, it creates voltbuilder.json for you. When you know what the Short Name is, enter it into Project Properties… VoltBuilder and Cordova… iTunes Short Name.

Thanks, I finally found it by looking in my apple developer account. It is listed as App ID Prefix … under Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles…