How to make app fit on screen?

dear Voltbuilder support & everybody in the forum,
i just sign up at voltbuilder and try to convert my website files into apk in your website. it has been successful and i already installed the apk in my samsung tab A. but my website pages become too big (exceeding the screen). do you have option to make it fit on screen? beside that problem, other things going on well. awaiting for your feedback, thanks a lot

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Good job so far!

  1. Is your app designed to be Responsive? i.e. does it adjust the size and position of the HTML depending on screen size?

  2. In particular, are you setting the viewport?

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

hi, thanks for your answer. i have tried to change the viewport codes become what you suggest, but when i install and open the app at my Samsung Tab A still become too big, exceeding the screen size. i will share the video. can i send the html file also to be reviewed? thanks a lot

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the video link is:

the html link is:

This is an issue with the programming of your app, not VoltBuilder itself.