How to manage app new version update


Do you know if it is possible to auto know last version of app (for ex plugin who check last version of app in store) then ask user to update ?

If possible.

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You could keep the latest version number on your website, then make a call on startup to get that version number. Compare it to the version on the device you saved when the app was built.

I use the cordova-plugin-app-version plugin to get the actual version number of the currently running app (the one in config.xml). Then the app checks that against a database table on the server, so I can send custom messages to any app version out there, for example “There’s a new app version, please update soon” or “This version is expired, you must update now”. Since the messages are stored in the database, I can basically send any message I want to each user of each version, or I can expire older versions if say the API changed.

Thanks for response.

I search one “host” (cdn ?) to manage nearly 100k downloads per day (but very small files, and users all around the world).

Do you have any host to advice please ? (for moment i have OVH).

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