Im having trouble getting the plugins to work

I downloaded " cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard" and there are two folders. There is a node_modules folder and a plugins folder with the same thing inside. Why is there two and should I delete one? Second I added the names of the plugins to the config.xml file. After that what am I suppose to do? There is no documentation in the package that says I have to require or import anything into my script file so Im sort of confused on how its suppose to work.

I created a debug build with the plugin and now I can even navigate past my first screen anymore so clearly I’ve done something wrong.

You don’t actually include the plugin files into your app. Instead, add a plugin line to your config.xml file and VoltBuilder will take care of everything. For that plugin, the line should look like:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard" spec="2.2.0" />