Image pickers that work with Android 12

I have tried all the image pickers on the Voltbuilder approved plugins list, but all of them cause Voltbuilder build to fail when targeting Android 12.

Can anybody recommend a multi image picker that works with Android 12? If you have managed to build successfully using one of the approved plugins, I would be very grateful to know what you had to do to get it to work.

Here’s hoping!

I see you’ve asked cordova-plugin-advanced-imagepicker to be added to the list of approved plugins. It looks good and should be available later today.

Unfortunately the advanced image picker is no longer is development and in any case no longer works on Android 13.

I would like to try the cordova-plugin-fork-imagepicker, by Yves-T, available via npm and on Github here Yves-T/ImagePicker. The Github fix list says it supports Android 13, so let’s hope you can clear it for use in Voltbuilder.

Thank you - it’s approved and ready to be used.

Thank you very much. Have rebuilt using Yves-T’s imagepicker fork and it works perfectly on Android 13.