Including cordova-clipboard-plugin in config.xml causes zip to be rejected as unauthorized

I want to copy to the clipboard from my app and cordova-clipboard-plugin is on VoltBuilder’s list of approved plugins.

I have addred the following line to my config.xml:

<plugin name="cordova-clipboard-plugin" source="npm" />

Yet, when I submit the zip file for building it is almost immediately rejected as unauthorized. Why is this?

What’s the exact message you are getting? I’m not seeing anything in the logs.

Weird - I tried three times to upload my zip in the past hour, each time with the same result. Instead of an “Accepted” message, all I got was “Unauthorized”. No further detail was provided.

Tried a couple of minutes ago, and it was accepted and sailed through to successful release build.

So the problem has now gone away. Sorry to trouble you.