Including hosting_id in voltbuilder.json results in error

I am uploading an Android app for build, and if I include hosting_id I get “ClientError: An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the PutObject operation: Unknown” error message, while the View Log shows a successful build. If I remove the hosting_id, the builds with no issue and I do get the QR code.

My plan does support hosting with volt builder. Can you please check why I am getting this error?

Thanks for reporting this. I’m looking into it now and I’ll get it fixed promptly.

I just wanted to update you that we’ve identified the issue and expect to have the fix tested and working in the next few hours. I’ll post again once it’s resolved.

The issue should be resolved. Please let us know if you experience further issues.

Hello, I just wanted to confirm that I was now able to perform a build using hosting_id and I see that it worked. However, the new issue I am encountering now is that once I build the app with hosting_id, no further changes get applied to the app upon next build. In other words, I successfully upload and build an app including hosting_id - and I get a confirmation back with a QR code and a unique permanent link for the app. Next time I make changes to the app and upload new version to be build, I still get a successful confirmation with QR and the same unique link, however when I download the app from the link I always get the originally uploaded version.

If I remove hosting_id and upload the app, I get a different temporary download link, which brings me to the app with the latest changes.

Can you please check this to see why updates are not being applied to the app with hosting_id build?

Can you tell me if this is happening on iOS, Android, or both platforms?