Including package.json file breaks build


In my .zip file I have a minimal package.json file, so that it’s possible to skip the “cordova create …” step in the Cordova build process. Is it possible to just ignore the package.json file in the uploaded .zip file.

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Each time VoltBuilder makes a build, it starts with a clean build. It creates the package.json it needs on the fly.

We could just ignore/delete the package file you upload, but we thought it would be better to inform the user that the file is not being used.

Understandable! Maybe a warning instead of an error? Would help us a lot :slight_smile:

Do you keep adding it into your project, or is removing it a one time thing?

Our export process always create a fresh build. so we will keep adding the package.json file. I spoke to my team, we can detect when we build for Volt and delete the package.json file. So we’ll manage one way or the another :slight_smile: