iOS 14.3 build will not install

My app build works fine for iOS 12.4.9.

For iOS 14.3 I get “Unable to Install - this app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified”


iOS 14.3 should not be a problem - it’s working fine. It’s likely something about your project.

Are you using the latest (default) version of Cordova? (Have you overridden it in config.xml?)

What’s the complete message?

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My old phone with iOS 12.4.9 install fine

My new phone with iOS 14.3 gives this message

No changes were made to the app

I’m using NSB/Appstudio ( with VoltBuilder

Did I miss something?

I just did ran VoltBuilder on the Northwind Sample app.

I have exact same issue between the two iOS versions!

Does your app use SQLite?


I built Hello World and got the same result.

Something changed in 14.3 relating to certificates?

If you have a new phone, you need to update your mobileprovision file by adding its UDID. You need to do this on


I’m glad someone is a clear thinker!

Thank you!!