iOS app icon error

We keep getting this app icon error everytime we upload our ipa that we built from VB for review.

Any idea how we can fix this or where to tell it to pick the right icon? It’s attaching the icon attached below to our build…

Jul 14, 2020 at 11:59 AM

From Apple

    1. 3 Performance: Accurate Metadata

Guideline 2.3.8 - Performance - Accurate Metadata

Your app or its metadata does not appear to include final content. Specifically, your app icons appear to be placeholder icons.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please ensure all your app icons are finalized and similar enough to each other to avoid creating confusion. When users search for your app on their devices, they should be able to recognize it from the icon on the App Store.


Since the large app icon will be displayed for your app on the App Store, we recommend you provide an attractive, original icon that meets the following requirements for both iPhone and iPad apps. App Store Connect Help includes information on adding an App Store icon. Review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines for additional details about app icon image sizes and resolutions.

For resources on creating eye-catching icons, you may want to review the App Store Product Page information available on the Apple Developer website.

Please see attached screenshot for details.


I found this website to be invaluable in creating all the necessary app icons and splash screens for Cordova apps (iOS and Android).

You just upload one hi-res image and it does the rest. Also be sure to click the ‘config.xml’ link at the bottom of the page for the necessary image tags you can add to your config.xml file.

@HankLloydRight’s suggestion is a good one.

It might also help to post your config.xml. That’s where the icons are all declared.

Hello, I’m facing the same problem, here is my config.xlm :

<platform name="ios">
    <!-- Splashscreens -->
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/handheld-portrait-320x480-non-retina.png" width="320" height="480" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/handheld-portrait-640x960-retina.png" width="640" height="960" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashPortrait_iPhone-SE_640x1136.png" width="640" height="1136" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashPortrait_iPhone-6_iPhone-6s_750x1334.png" width="750" height="1334" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/tablet-portrait-768x1024-non-retina.png" width="768" height="1024" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/handheld-landscape-480x320-non-retina.png" width="480" height="320" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/handheld-landscape-960x640-retina.png" width="960" height="640" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/tablet-landscape-1024x768-non-retina.png" width="1024" height="768" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashLandscape_iPhone-SE_1136x640.png" width="1136" height="640" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashLandscape_iPhone-6_iPhone-6s_1334x750.png" width="1334" height="750" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashPortrait_9.7-inch-iPad-Pro_iPad-Air-2_iPad-mini-4_iPad-mini-2_1536x2048.png" width="1536" height="2048" />
    <splash src="www/img/splashscreen/iOS/splashLandscape_9.7-inch-iPad-Pro_iPad-Air-2_iPad-mini-4_iPad-mini-2_2048x1536.png" width="2048" height="1536" />

And what I have in my folder :

I have checked the format of each icon and it seems to be accurate.

When I launched the App on Adroid, the splah picture shows correctly without problem, but when it comes to the IOS (iphone 6 Plus), I got always this : attachment.fe232ec9003edb06911f1bac5d0282a6e44bc75a .

I didn’t have this problem before when building with PhoneGap. Do you please have any idea about that ?

Cordova has changed how it wants the directories structured. Have a look here:

It’s also the VoltBuilder docs:

Notice that the icons and splash screens are now stored in a folder at the top level of the project.

I have subscribed and created the ios app successfully.

But the problem is the source is the cordova, and we removed all the cordova related icons in our folder and replaced with viberent logo. Eventhough your build gives us with cordova icon.

Due to this our app is rejected in IOS review like below.

We noticed that your app or its metadata includes irrelevant third-party platform information.

Specifically, your app includes non-iOS status bar images in the screenshots.

Referencing third-party platforms in your app or its metadata is not permitted on the App Store unless there is specific interactive functionality.

Could you please help us on this ASAP.? Thanks

Does your app have all the required icon images for iOS? I think 28 different ones are currently required.