iOS build queuing for more than an hour

My iOS build seems to stuck on queuing more than an hour and it resulted in volt builder error message “Error in VoltBuilder compilation: Error in voltbuilder status: Unauthorized”. But I have an active plan at the moment.
Need your assistant on this

The queue was stalled in a way that did not trigger any alarms. It should be running again now.

We’re working on why the alarm was not triggered.

Thanks a lot, now iOS build is success.
But there is a difference in ipa file size generated in the current build.
Earlier it was around 15MB but now it is 77MB

No changes were made to the actual build code.

Can you tell me what email you are using to build your job? We can have a look at the log.

Could it be that the small one was a debug build and the larger one a release build? That’s what it looks like from the log.

The larger one is the release build

That could be the explanation.

The .ipa file you receive is in zip format. You can change the .ipa to .zip and upzip the file to see what is using the space.