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Need help for ios building

IOutput: App id contains a reserved word, or is not a valid identifier.

App id (in config.xml) contains a reserved word, has invalid characters, or is not a valid identifier.
Check the log for more information.
Build 89963d20-9e73-4051-bab4-4c29c81658d7 failed

Not sure what is wrong in config.xml file?

Have a look in your config.xml file. The id (in the widget line) should be the app id in reverse-domain format. For example, com.voltbuilder.project1.

(Updated to correct sample string)

It is as per reverse-domain format but not working.

What value do you have?

I am using “”
and I checked in browser with “” which works.

Sounds about right. Can you post your widget clause?

I emailed config.xml file content.

Thanks. I corrected the sample string a few messages back.

Your current string looks reasonable. Do you get the same result with com.voltbuilder.project1 as with yours?

Yes. Same result with com.voltbuilder.project1

I agree - something looks odd here. We’ll dig into it.

Thank you !

This was a fun one - but I think I found the problem. It’s in your .mobileprovision file. The application-identifier is “8JL8CW942Qbundle”. It should be in “” format.

You can correct this by going to the Apple site and generating a new mobile provision file with a correct App ID. You may need to create a new Identifier.

Let me know if this is it.

Thank you as app is compiled and I am able to download in my iPhone.
Many things may be ahead as I am getting blank screen now.

Just wondering, how can I debug check and fix various issues ahead.

Do I need mac to debug various issues?

If you want to look at messages in the Safari Console, you’ll need to use the Safari Inspector. It runs on MacOS.

There are a couple of workarounds which I have not tried. There is a new tool which may make it possible to do on Windows

Here’s one which works on the device:

Thank you.

If I have macbook pro, can I register the macbook on apple developer and create mobile provision file and download the app on mac and then if I use safari web developer tool and fix problems.

If app would work on macbook pro and then run on iphone the same app, would that way work ?

The question isn’t quite clear, but I’ll try to answer.

  • There’s no need to register the MacBook on Apple Developer.
  • The mobile provision file gets created on Apple’s site. It doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have for this step.
  • I don’t know what you mean by “and download the app on mac and then if I use safari web developer tool and fix problems.”
  • I don’t know what you mean by “If app would work on macbook pro and then run on iphone the same app, would that way work ?”

Apologies for unclear questions.

My question is;

I have app in my iPhone and I have macbook pro so can I use mac book pro to make my life little
for development or debug the application or do I need to download “inspect browser” app in my mobile to debug?

Maybe it would be easier if you made separate questions.


Question 1 : Do I need macbook pro for debugging or development ?
Question 2 : I installed app in my iphone and when I open app its blank screen. How can I resolve this issue ? (Do I need to install inspect browser app in my iPhone will be helpful ?)

Thank you,

Q1. You don’t need a Mac for development, but sometimes you need one for debugging, so you can run the Safari Remote Debugger. (There may be third party workarounds).

Q2. You could probably find out what is happening using the Safari Remote Debugger. Third party tools might help - it would not hurt to try the inspect browser app.