Ios device registration

Right now, for ios app when we need to install app in new device, we need to register device on apple and download provision file and attach to the application folder to be built and so new app is created for “every user” to install on device.

Is there any easy alternative procedure like to add new device just get app from app store and install it

Thank you for support !

This is how Apple’s security model works for Development apps. Apps don’t have to go through the whole Apple review process while they are in development, but you do need to list the UDIDs of the devices which will be testing.

Does this help?

Yes, it helps.
Can I have some idea what need to be done once testing phase is finished so we can inform all users to install app in their device.

To install apps on lots of users’ devices, you’ll need to to make an “app-store” or “enterprise” build. “app-store” builds go through the iTunes Store (and Apple’s review process). Enterprise builds can download from a website, but you’ll need to register with Apple as an Enterprise Developer.

There’s also Apple’s “Test Flight” program where you can upload a development/test version of your app to the app store for a minimal “App Store” review to be approved for testing.

Then you can add many users to your test release (external testers) using only their email address.

They would then download the “Test Flight” app on their phone which would allow them to download and run the test version of the app.

Once your test version is complete and ready for full release, you can just then promote the app you’ve already uploaded to production release (and a full app review from Apple).

You only need the $99/year developer account to get access to this.

Even though there are a few more hoops to jump through to get it working, I found this method significantly easier than getting all the users UDIDs and creating new provisioning profiles and compiling a new app version each time I wanted to add a test user for a release.

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@HankLloydRight - Thank you! That will work well with VoltBuilder as well.