Ios http request not work

Local http Ajax file not Work AND http request external link not work In iOS

Have you checked the remote console for errors?

I don’t have remote debugging but according to what I’ve investigated and it’s about that in cordova iOS in the most recent versions any http connection has problems with cors header. I have tried various ways but none have been able to work.

this plugin “cordova-plugin-ios-xhr” managed to get the local and external files working, but it has problems with cookies and does not recognize cookies

You’re probably right that the problem is CORS headers. The best way to debug these is with the Remote Console - it will give clear messages what headers are missing. Otherwise, you’re working pretty blindly.

Hi @kendol, you might get lucky by using this plugin instead: :wink:

It also contains a fix for syncing the cookies between the main webview and InAppBrowser:
Sep 2021: Added cookie sync capability from [cordova-plugin-webview-proxy]