iOS local network permissions (UDP and TCP)

I am trying to connect my app with another device using UDP and TCP. I can get the communications to work completely fine with Android but not iOS. I am using UDP and TCP plugins.

From the iOS website, i believe i need the user to grant Local Network Access permission and then hopefully they can communicate with the device.

If i try set the NSLocalNetworkUsageDescription as mentioned here, the user is never prompted to accept this when the app first starts.
I use this code in config.xml (need to put a > at the end of each line below otherwise text disappears):

<platform name="ios" 
     <edit-config target="NSLocalNetworkUsageDescription" file="*-Info.plist"  mode="overwrite"
       <string>Network 1</string

Is there a way to ask the user permission, as i’m hoping this is the final piece to get it working.


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Are there any messages in the Safari console (on the device)?

Remote Debugging

Yes, in the console window i get below

Unknown interface. Specify valid interface by name (e.g. "en1") or IP address.

This occurs on this line
chrome.sockets.udp.bind(USPsocketID, "", 15000, bindSuccess)
I’m not sure what the error is referring to because the IP address is there, and above works fine with Android. Not sure if iOS is stopping it.


You might want to follow up with the maintainers of the plugin. They may have some suggestions.

It appears VoltBuilder is doing its job properly.