Ios onesignal-cordova-plugin

UserError: error: Provisioning profile “Distribution” doesn’t support the Push Notifications capability.

I get tow certificates file from app store for push notification:

aps_development.cer (Development SSL Certificate)
aps.cer (Production SSL Certificate)

Where should I put ?

and what modifications are needed to the voltbuilder.json file?

We suggest you use our signing tool to generate your certificates - it will guide you through the process and modify your voltbuilder.json as needed: VoltSigner

How to add “Notification Service Extension”
and how to edit the Podfile like this :

target ‘OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension’ do
pod ‘OneSignalXCFramework’, ‘>= 5.0’, ‘< 6.0’

as ios setting here:

by config xml???

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The podfile is determined by the plugins you use. If you examine the plugin.xml included with your plugin, you’ll notice a podspec line: Plugin.xml API - Apache Cordova

If you need to change the plugin’s podspec, you can contact the author, or fork the plugin and publish your own version.

There is no way to modify the podspec from your config.xml. However you might be able to use a hook to make the modifications, but that would not be something we can offer much support on: Hooks Guide - Apache Cordova

p.s. you might have better luck posting a new thread, rather than posting on an unrelated thread.

I’m trying using hooks

just i wont the name of INFOPLIST_FILE with path of myapp

this line give me an error:

  var info = fs.readFileSync(path.join(project, appName, appName + '-Info.plist'), 'utf8');

app name contain space

What error?


  var info = fs.readFileSync(path.join(project, "", appName + '-Info.plist'), 'utf8');