Ipa build stuck on whitescreen

I’m trying to create a ipa file using voltBuilder but the the App (cordova hybrid App) is not loading. It get stuck on white screen (Testing it on BrowserStack). I have uploading the all required cert for ios.

Whereas the same build is working fine when I create the ipa through Xcode and Testing it on BrowserStack

This usually means you have a javascript error. Since you mention it working with xcode but not voltbuilder, it might be due to a missing plugin or plugin version mismatch.

You could try building a development build and use a tool like Inspect (https://inspect.dev/) to find the error. Or you could put some code in your app that reports uncaught errors to your server.

Here is some sample code to report errors to a server: window.addEventListener('error', (event) => { const { message, filename, li - Pastebin.com

You would then have your server log the error to a file or database.