Issue in Build using Neptune MBS which uses Volt Build

Hi ,

We have an issue in the build process for the APK where it generates errors attached.
Please let us know the reason for the errors or on how the build can be completed successfully.


It looks like two separate errors. One seems to be with a plugin. Can you determine which one? Normally this can be done by reading the log and removing candidates.

The second error seems to be about an unspecified compileSdkVersion. Have you specified this in your config.xml?


yes the first error is from the plugins , we did the build in july with the same plugins , we never had any issue with these plugins, all of aa sudden we are facing the issue in the volt build process

we dont specify the compile sdk version in the config.xml , this file is generated in the neptune cockpit with the plugins and other settings in the neptune cockpit.

attached the config.xml(1 , continued 2 screenshots ) in further comments which was used in the build

please do let me know if any further info is needed.

config xml 1

config xml continued

It’s very common for your app to break when you don’t specify plugin versions. What tends to happen is that the build you got working in July is now not using the same plugins as it was. If you share a build log, I’m happy to see if anything stands out.

is there a way to share the file as a whole ? i am unable to attach files of other types that jpg

We suggest either copy and paste, or using 3rd party services like pastebin or github’s gist.

Hi ,

I have uploaded the log and config xm files to one drive for both the successful and unsuccessful builds

In your unsuccessful build log I’m seeing this:

/platforms/android/app/src/main/java/com/chariotsolutions/nfc/plugin/ error: cannot find symbol

if (android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= android.os.Build.VERSION_CODES.S) { 

This points toward a problem with this plugin:

 <plugin name="phonegap-nfc" source="git" spec=""/> 

This plugin was updated on July 20th. Your last successful build was before the update. I would suggest contacting Neptune Software about this issue and their update seems to have broken the plugin.