Issue in moving the app to play store

Our ID is : and we are in Indy plan.

We have your subscription and we have built Cordova apps in the past for more than 5 times and used them in mobile directly and it works. We are able to create the apk file successfully but when we try to upload the same file to google play store we get some weird error message(see below).

Could you please help us with this?

Not able to attach the file due to file size, let me know if you need anything for investigation. but i hope you can take it from your database using the below url .

I have also gone through the Upload to play store documentation but am not able to move the apk file to the play store.

Please help us in resolving this issue

What is the error message? It seems you forgot to paste it into your question.

The job you reference seems to have a different message:

Error: Plugin ’ cordova-plugin-network-information’ is under review.

That is caused by this line:

    <plugin name=" cordova-plugin-network-information" />

Notice the extra space in the name?

Finally, you need to update your project to work with the latest Cordova:

I am getting issue when i upload to play store.

above image is the issue

This is an issue with your setup in the Play Store, not Voltbuilder itself.

Google has extensive documentation on the setup process. It may be lengthy and complex, but there is not a simple workaround for it.

It looks like you have problems with your certificate and build type.

I have tried the bellow google documentation but still I don’t have clarity on how to complete this process.

That document has this statement:

Google updates the Play Store pages frequently. Check Google’s documentation for the latest updates.

Google has a lot of documentation on this, and you’ll need to be patient to work through it. Here is a good place to start.

Hi support,

I am trying to solve the debug mode issue for play store, but I am not able to solve it.

If I set voltbuilder Json release : debug it create the app
but if I set voltbuilder Json release : release, it is having the problem in creating app.

getting above error when we try to upload the package. even KeyStore file is placed properly it shows same error.
I don’t have idea on how to fix this.

If I create the app in release mode then only play store will accept it.

Please help us to solve this issue.



If your project is set up properly, this error will not appear.

In your voltbuilder.json, you have

  "androidKeystore": "xxxx.keystore",

It should be

  "androidKeystore": "certificates/xxxx.keystore",

See How to set up your project | VoltBuilder,

yes it solved the issue now, i am able to create .aab file for release , I have tested all in .apk file , Now if I move this .aab file will that work properly after moving to play store.