ITMS-91053 message from Apple

I’m getting the following message with builds I’m uploading to AppStore Connect:

ITMS-91053: Missing API declaration - Your app’s code in the “FlightSpan” file references one or more APIs that require reasons, including the following API categories: NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryFileTimestamp. While no action is required at this time, starting May 1, 2024, when you upload a new app or app update, you must include a NSPrivacyAccessedAPITypes array in your app’s privacy manifest to provide approved reasons for these APIs used by your app’s code.

Any guidance on how to comply with this? I’m using AppStudio to build.



We’ve done a little research here and we think this is probably coming from one of your plugins, and that plugin should be updated to include a privacy manifest. If you’re unable to find it yourself, we can help. We’d just need to take a look at your config.xml.

For the moment this isn’t anything more than a warning. It looks like there will be a solution for this soon from Cordova, and we’ll be keeping an eye on it and we’ll let you know when to implement it.