Itms-services fails to open the .plist file created using VoltBuilder (QR code reading using iPhone 11)

itms-services fails to open URL pointing to 'plist file in apps.volt.buid.
I am trying to load the app on my iPhone 11 using the QR code generated by VoltBuilder.

What’s the exact message?

Where does it appear?

There is no message or popup on my phone but I can see that nothing is happening.

So where does the message you’re posting come from?

What’s the exact message?

Where does it appear?

Also, is the device you’re loading on listed in the mobileprovision file?

Yes, it is listed in the mobileprovision file

Did you see these questions?

I don’t see a message but my iPhone 11 displays a page with suggestions regarding the itms related issue.
I can notice that Apple is not permitting the file download unto the phone as it doesn’t trust the SSL certificate associated with It is also mentioned that TLS 1.2 is required.

Any chance you can include a screen shot?

What’s your default browser?

This is safari for iOS 14.4.2

Looks like that job has expired. We don’t keep them on our server long.

Can you try again with a fresh build?

I created another build, retried and encountered the same issue

I think it’s something with your device.

I tried reading the barcode on a couple of iOS devices here. Each time, the prompt comes up “Open in iTunes”. I click on it, and then get “” would like to install “SoundWAZE”. It won’t actually install, since my device isn’t on your list of approved devices - but it will try.

Do you have another iOS device?

I tested on 2 devices and got the same issue (iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR).

What happens with this barcode?

It did not work but I was able to open it using BrowserStack.
I am running into an issue related to cordova-plugin-file and cordova-plugin-file-transfer