Javascript not working


im using your website and its amazing

but i have a problem
that in my app javascript is not working,
please help me config my file.
like css is working but
file imports like jquery or firebase is not working.

First thing to do is check for errors in the remote console.

Here is how.

pchat file import functions so i directory call it in database file

Where is Pchat.js located?

Native apps have different security restrictions than the same code running in the browser. I suspect that is what is happening here/

How is your app loading the file?

index.html is loading jquery and main.js file
database is loading pchat file
main.js is loading globalChat.js

in globalchat, database, pchat is loading firebase

Good news: there are no errors in console i fixed them.

but in app form js is still not working

Can I clarify how this screen shot was made? Is it from the app running in the browser or on the device? Can you send a screenshot of the complete debugger window?

it was loading in browser but not now

Could you answer the question in my last post?

as i said it is from browser.
and that screen shot is all it logged.

This is not a VoltBuilder issue. Your app is trying to use an API which it does not have permission to use.

Have a look at what is happening at that point in your code to see what it is trying to do.

all functions are working in browser and my app is running well.
but when i convert it to app.
it is not loading jquery and other scripts

The browser is not the same as running as a native app. In particular, there are different security requirements.

Look at the messages in the Remote Console is how to see what is breaking. What messages appear there now?

btw im on mobile, my pc broke in half so i continuex my project im my android