Let's Encrypt certificates on Android < 7.1.1

Hi all,
We’ve built an app with VoltBuilder and ajax calls are not working in devices with Android < 7.1.1

After some investigation, we found this post:

Effectively we are in same situation:.

  • Remote endpoint is using Let’s Encrypt ISRG Root X1 certificate
  • iOS and Android 10 runs fine
  • Android < 7.1.1 debug build runs fine
  • CORS, CSP and Allow List are OK

Let’s Encrypt team says they have fixed that for Android > 2.3.3:

But the issue still persist :frowning:

Unfortunately the problem occurs with the release builds and debugging via Chrome Remote Inspect isn’t permitted.

Do you guys have encountered same issue?
Do you have some solution or workaround?
Or there’s some troubleshooting tool we can use?


This isn’t something we have any control of - others are affected by this as well.

I notice this line in the post from Let’s Ecrypt:

"we will be switching to provide this new chain by default in late January or early February. "