LocalStorage data lost in upgrade

Hi VoltBuilder Support,

The latest version of the app I am working on, I have build and deployed with your
Volt Builder.

Previous versions build using Phonegap, there has been no issues
updating the app and maintaining data.

But this update build with Volt, it is reported that it erases the LocalStorage data used by the app.

Is there any way to recover, or look into LocalStorage data, and why does this happen?

Issue reported on iPhone 7 iOS 12.5

This probably doesn’t have anything to do with VoltBuilder - we just call the Cordova libraries, which in turn call XCode.

More likely, it has to do with the change from UIWebView to WKWebView as required by Apple. (PhoneGap used UIWebView, but never updated). You might want to research how localStorage works in WKWebView.

I found this to get you started:

Here’s a item of possible interest in the cordova-ios repo:


You are most likely right about the bug being caused by the change of WebView.