Mobileprovision not found

I uploaded the zip file and get this message
UserError: iOS Distribution mobileprovision not found. Put it in your certificates folder.

My voltbuider.json references “iosDistribution”: “2022_spicers_plus_remake.mobileprovision”, and that is in the certificates folder. Is there specific naming convention I need to follow

“iosDistP12”: “certificates/ios_distribution (10).p12”,
“iosDistP12Password”: “danger”,
“iosDistribution”: “2022_spicers_plus_remake.mobileprovision”,
“iosPackageType”: “enterprise”,
“platform”: “ios”,
“release”: “release”

Do it just like iosDistP12 - put “certificates/” in the string.

Thanks very much. I was thinking I probably needed to do that. Once I added it, it worked!!