Moodle Mobile app

hi , i am new here, i just want to compile moodle mobile app after a very small changes
but i got errors , i used phonegap before with success , i am not android developer but just can make small changes ,m and want to compile
this is the app i want to compile

What are the error messages?

If it worked under PhoneGap, it should work with VoltBuilder with minor changes.

UserError: index.html not found. See How to set up your project | VoltBuilder

It looks like the Moodle template uses some features which were in PhoneGap but are no longer supported by Cordova.

It shouldn’t be a lot of work to update the template. Do the people at Moodle have any interest in doing so?

how do i make an index.html for my app

You have one already, but it’s in a folder named src. If you rename it to www as Cordova expects, that message goes away.

Run again, and you’ll get some new messages. The problem is that the <config-file statements in the config.xml file have not been updated to the current requirements of Cordova.

Background: PhoneGap was a front end to Cordova. While development of PhoneGap ceased a few years ago, Cordova has continued to advance. PhoneGap jobs now need updates to run on the current Cordova.

VoltBuilder is an up-to-date front end for Cordova.