More IOS build errors

Can anyone help with my IOS Build error? My Apple certificate expired today and I had to create a new development key and mobile provisioning file for my app.

Only development credentials have been entered in the project properties (I have only been doing development builds) but the “IOS Distribution Type” in the project properties is set at “ad-hoc”. This gives a Volt Builder error “iosPackageType (in voltbuilder.json) of ‘ad-hoc’ not included in Indy - AppStudio Plan.”

Never used to happen and I can’t find voltbuilder.json to make this blank. Only other options are “enterprise” or “app-store”, neither of which work (and I’m not trying to build a distribution version anyway)!

Any thoughts? Thanks!

It sounds like you are trying to make a debug build. ad-hoc is a release build type.

Do you have this in your voltbuilder.json?

"release": "debug",

Problem solved- Thank you for your quick response!

I had “accidentally” changed the Cordova command in the AppStudio project properties to “run IOS --release” from “run IOS --debug”.

Fixed, but for future reference where is the voltbuilder.json file located in the AppStudio project structure? I am on a Mac.

Thanks again,

AppStudio generates the voltbuilder.json file from the Project Properties. See the VoltBuilder section.