New builds not showing up in AppStoreConnect/TestFlight

As of this afternoon, any new builds I push up to AppstoreConnect via voltbuilder (using AppStudio) do not show up in TestFlight. If I re-build without changing the version number and use the Make Native App via VoltBuilder option in AppStudio, I get an error message telling me that version number has already been used… but the build with that version number does not show up in TestFlight.

Thanks in advance for the help,


Are you saying that for every new version you upload, you’re getting an error message that it’s already been uploaded?

We’ve seen this problem before with AppstoreConnect. Oftentimes it’s a problem on Apple’s end and all we can do is wait.

No… for each new version I get a successful build message from AppStudio, but that version/build doesn’t show up on AppstoreConnect. If, however, I try again with the same version number I get the error message saying that version number already exists (perhaps voltbuilder is generating this–but it seemed to me to indicate that the version number is somewhere in Apple’s system ??)


If the upload is successful, then I suspect it’s a problem on Apple’s side. I would try contacting them and see why the new uploads aren’t showing up in AppstoreConnect.

Thanks–in the end I just kept trying and eventually the builds started showing up again in AppstoreConnect.

We’ve seen this happen before - sometimes the Apple store goes off line for a bit. It would be nice if they put up a message when there is a outage.

Agreed… frustrating to not have any indication of where the problem is occurring. Thanks George.