Not able to build in Android 12 with error "compileSdkVersion is not specified"

I am trying to update to Android 12 and i got two errors from the log.

  1. compileSdkVersion is not specified. Please add it to build.gradle
  2. Script ‘/platforms/android/cordova-plugin-badge/teamxpress-badge.gradle’ line: 28
    (there is no cordova-plugin-badge in my config.xml)

please advised. thanks.
log file
config file

Looking at your log, I notice a number of your plugins are out of date:

Package                          Current  Wanted  Latest  Location                                      Depended by
cordova-plugin-advanced-http       2.3.1   2.3.1   3.3.1  node_modules/cordova-plugin-advanced-http     b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-background-fetch    5.6.1   5.6.1   7.1.2  node_modules/cordova-plugin-background-fetch  b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-camera              2.3.1   2.3.1   6.0.0  node_modules/cordova-plugin-camera            b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-chooser             1.2.7   1.2.7   1.3.2  node_modules/cordova-plugin-chooser           b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-device              2.0.2   2.0.2   2.1.0  node_modules/cordova-plugin-device            b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-geolocation         4.0.1   4.0.1   4.1.0  node_modules/cordova-plugin-geolocation       b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-splashscreen        3.2.2   3.2.2   6.0.2  node_modules/cordova-plugin-splashscreen      b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova-plugin-statusbar           2.4.3   2.4.3   3.0.0  node_modules/cordova-plugin-statusbar         b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55
cordova.plugins.diagnostic         3.3.2   3.3.2   7.1.1  node_modules/cordova.plugins.diagnostic       b1a31c61-87e5-4e52-b420-1fb6473fcf55

I’d start by updating those.

Some plugins call other plugins, which is why you can get an error message for a pluging you do not explicitly use.

Thanks for your response.
I updated all the mentioned plugins and check others one by one.
I finally found that plugin “cordova-plugin-local-notification” cause the errors.
I think it is too old.
I think my next step is to replace it with something new.