Not able to cerate the apk file ,Limit exceeded issue

We have created only one build from morning. But we get above message

yesterday we tried so many time we got the message but today morning we created .aab with release mode.

but if i try to create .apk file it is not allowing me to do it.

I tried it now , I am able to create the app but please check the issue from your end and make sure we don’t face this issue in future.

You’re on the Indy Plan. That gives you 20 builds a day, on a rolling 24 hours basis.

If you need more builds, you can upgrade to Pro (100/day) or Enterprise (unlimited).

can we have count of built in our login , So we know about , some time it Count is not working properly.

We are not sure on what basis count is calculated

It’s on a rolling 24 hour basis. All builds are counted, successful or not.