Not background audio when minimize

Hi !
I uploaded a Phonegap project in a zip file. I am using voltbuilder because phonegap is over and not compile in the last IOS SDK.

I had a problem with your .ipa. Its stops my App sound when it is minimized.Not happend if I compile in phonegap and install in my Iphone a test.

Who can I solve? Thank you

This is likely to be something to do with iOS updates, not the switch from PhoneGap to AppStudio.

How are you playing the sound?

There might be a Cordova plugin which plays sound in a way which gets around this.

My app generate sound with a JS script called Tone.js

The sound works in backgroun mode when I compile with Phonegap and install in my IPhone with IOS 14 .

Doesnt work when I compile and Install with you :frowning:

Maybe its related with this: ?

When you build with PhoneGap, you’re using old libraries and plugins which Apple will no longer approve for their store.

VoltBuilder uses the up to date libraries, which follow the latest requirements of Apple.

Yes thank you, I know it.
I am compiling with you because Phonegap compile in IOS 11 SDK and Apple Store needs 13 SDK.
The Phonegap compilation works correctly in test mode over my Iphones.

My question is. How can I keep the sound of the app when it is minimized?
Thank you !

This may be a question for the Cordova Slack channel. We know VoltBuilder build issues well, but we don’t know all the features and plugins for all platforms.

There is a cordova-ios Slack channel where you may be able to get an answer. StackOverflow might be another place to ask.

Ok. One thing …

What is the version of the IOS SDK of the VoltBuilder compilation?
In Slack group said: “There was a bug on some iOS 13 versions that prevented background audio from working”

Thank you

VoltBuilder always uses the latest versions - for ios, it is currently cordova-ios 6.1.1.

You can check the version by looking in the log. Versions are listed for all the Cordova libraries, Xcode and your plugins.

What version of iOS is on your device? Make sure it is the latest.

The iOs version of my mobile is 14.3 (the last).

Its strange. When I install the compilation of Phonegap build the sound of the app runs if it minimized.
When I install your debug compilation the sound stop if app is minimized.

I tried to upload to appstore the Phonegap build compilation, but this was the answer of Apple:

ERROR ITMS-90725: “SDK Version Issue. This app was built with the iOS 11.2 SDK. As of June 30, 2020, all apps for iPhone or iPad must be built with the iOS 13 SDK or later, included with Xcode 11 or later.”

Then, I want to know what is the iOS SDK version of your compilations (not Cordova version).

Thank you !

We have been running Xcode 12.3 since Dec 21, 2020. It includes support for the latest Apple SDKs and devices, including iOS version 14.3.

Ok, thank you.

And, why do you think your build doesnt run correctly the cordova background audio mode if yours it is an updated compilation?